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Zon deals with all aspects of Customs Clearance for all  sea freight, air freight services. Satisfying all Australian Government requirements as you Freight Forward to Australia.


We move your commercial goods to or from Australia. You can rely on Zon Customs Agents and International Freight Management to logistically move your freight  into Australia.


We offer customs clearance services to our China import partners and give expert advice on freight forwarding, and shipping logistics. We save time and money shipping your goods into Australia.


 Freight Forwarding Australia

Receive your Free Customs Clearance with your next Sea Freight Import Service into Australia”

Here at Zon we are an Australian Trusted Global Logistics Service that can give you so much bang for your buck

It can be an incredibly stressful process importing into or exporting from Australia. With Zon Customs Brokers Professional approach we can help you to navigate the changing face of Global Logistics and ease you of all the stress of importing or exporting on your own. Zon customs clear nearly all cargo, and parcels that enter and exit through the Australian borders. This may include air freight, sea freight, parcel post shipments and even passengers who carry stock in their possession when they travel. As customs agents, we attempt to establish long lasting business relationships with our customers, understanding and learning the circumstance of each individual business.

We believe our principles and standard of services surpass other clearance agents and freight forwarders here in Australia. We work closely with our clients and gain awareness of the exact requirements they need, as this helps us forecast any possible concerns before they could affect their business. We are both international Freight forwarders and customs brokers, so we have got you all covered. We are directly linked to the Australian Border Force which makes our processes as fast as lightning when we customs clear your freight and help work out you GST and other taxes to pay the Australian Government when Importing. We have at our disposal a customs clearance team that are the best at what they do and know everything that has to do with Australian customs clearance services and International shipping. There compromising guidelines that must be complied with to satisfy The Australian Border Force (ABF) during your Freight forwarding to Australia.

To initiate our services, all you need to do is contact us, to avoid incurring freight storage costs for your imports. Zon will assign you your own personal Customs Broker who will on your behalf fill out the Australian customs declaration form and provide all other documentation to clear your goods through the Australian Border Force. Zon is your ideal clearance agents for all requirements, regardless of size. Our attentiveness to detail and consideration is why we are the preferred Australian Customs Broker of choice. Contacting our expert team on 1300 742 357 and make sure you get the chance to work with a superior customs agent in Australia. Helping you save time and money Our company is born, bred, and raised in Australia. We are an affordable and highly experienced customs clearance agent helping both businesses and individuals in Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Darwin, and other major ports throughout Australia.

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Be a Consistent #1 provider for Customs Clearance and International shipping. Trust, Expertise, Reliability for all Australian importers.

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We Listen, Understand & provide solutions at the same time constantly striving to save you time and money with our superior importing processes.


Zon Customs Clearance

We endeavor to have your goods pre-cleared before arriving in Australia, as we are electronically linked with the Australian Border Force.


Customs Clearance

Zon Customs Brokers have a streamlined and affordable complete international freight forwarding booking and customs clearance service for Importing into Australia and Exporting from Australia. When any business is Importing into Australia or Exporting from Australia they should always use and be guided by an Australian Customs Broker. A Customs Broker is a person who is licensed by the Australian Government. Specializing a broad range of knowledge including customs law, customs classification, customs tariff schedule, import and export regulations, shipping procedures, trade documentation.

Primarily, we ensure that you satisfy all requirements by the government on the ever-changing regulations regarding customs clearance services. We have at our disposal a customs clearance team that are the best at what they do and know everything that has to do with Australian customs and clearance regulations.

Here at Zon Customs Brokers we are electronically linked with Australian Customs. Often it only takes us around 2 hours for an Express Australian Customs Clearance. We provide 25 years’ Experience and knowledge providing a stress-free service including Air Freight and Sea Freight logistics solutions for your cargo to ship anywhere in the World. Once we have received all your correct documentation, we can electronically and efficiently process your cargo on your behalf directly with the Australian Border Force and Quarantine Australia. When using our International Freight Services, in most cases we pre-clear your cargo before it arrives in Australia. We help many Australian and International businesses with a substantial choice concerning International freight forwarding to and from Australia.

Zon’s global partnership of over 108 + Countries with secure networks allow us to ship anywhere all over the Globe.  If you are you thinking about Importing from China. Talk with us about our weekly Sea Freight sailing schedules for International Freight Forwarding. The Australian Border Force have uncompromising guidelines in place that must be complied with during your Freight forwarding. When Importing to Australia you can save time and money by using a customs broker, due to the exact landed costs will be worked out for you to help you understand the profit margins of your business. Try our International Freight Service and Customs Broker packages for your next project importing to Australia. Zon Freight offers support and is open 7 days a week. Feel free to contact us here.