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We developed this company with a passionate vision and the goal was to provide a Global Freight Forwarding Service that is continually proactive with saving people’s business from losing unnecessary time and money due to being advised incorrectly when Exporting or Importing into Australia.    We are proud of completing our goal and have built Zon’s reputation of now being one of Australia’s leading Customs Brokers and International Freight Management companies that continually cares about building better business relationships. You are not just a number to us, we are committed to your success

ZonCustoms Brokers understands how international trade can often be complicated and costly to businesses if not handled correctly. Zon Customs Brokers are able to answer all your questions, provide you with professional advice providing a competitive edge to your business. 

Whether your consignments are big or small, whether they involve ongoing regular shipments or if you’re just starting out, our Customs Brokers and qualified staff are here to help.  At the very same time, it is our long-term dedication to attempt to assist with our customers ideas and constantly to provide strategies, support and so much more. 

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