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Darwin Customs Brokers Services

If you want to import or export from Darwin, Australia, you need a Customs Broker that makes Customs clearance and freight forwarding very easy. Zon Darwin Customs Broker and International Freight Forwarder are dedicated to helping make your import and export journey enjoyable and stress-free. We have worked in the freight forwarding industry for over twenty-five years and in this time we have become very familiar and knowledgeable in every aspect of customs clearance and international freight forwarding. Another solid backing is the fact that we have worked with the Australian Border Force and Customs Service over the years and have established a strong relationship with them. We manage every aspect of your importation journey starting from the Global logistics calculations for your packages, to freight forwarding and shipment of your goods, packages or parcel, to clearance with the Australian Border Force and Customs Service and finally delivery of your goods to your location or your customers. We handle importation and exportation to China and all other parts of the world.

At Zon Darwin Customs Broker, we have well trained and experienced agents who will be assigned to you to assist you in all your import and export needs. These agents are all Australian licensed customs brokers and will make you enjoy a stress-free importing and exporting experience. We also offer cost-friendly prices for all our freight forwarding packages and general services.

When you work with us at Zon Darwin Customs Broker and International Freight Forwarder, we will initiate and manage all your importation and exportation activities. We will assign you one of our agents and they will help you manage your shipping and transportation affairs. They will advise you on all you need to know about every aspect of importing and freight forwarding (either by air freight or sea freight) and will let you know of any unplanned issues that may come up and how you can avoid them. They will also analyse the nature of your package and give you accurate global logistics calculations and freight quote and will ensure that all these are done at the best pricing option that will suit and grow your business. They will handle the clearance of your goods with the Australian Border Force and Customs service and deliver your good to the slated located safe and quick.

Contact us now at Zon Darwin Customs Broker and Freight Forwarder or visit any of our offices, our agents will be very happy to provide you with your freight quote and assist you with your import and export affair.



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