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As a Custom Clearance Agent we act on your behalf, we will complete, and submit an Australian Customs Declaration to customs clear all your cargo into Australia. With 25 years’ Experience Zon Customs Brokers maintain a robust database that is electronically linked with The Australian Border Force (Customs in Australia). When Importing into Australia by sea freight, air freight, or parcel post shipments, it is incredibly important to ensure that you supply us with the correct information and documentation being reported to Customs of Australia. 

We take the uncertainty out of the Customs Clearance process and continue to be committed time and time again as we accomplish results for our valued clients. Having Zon Customs Brokers monitor your products enables us to apply a time for Custom Brokerage during your international shipping to Australia. 


Expert Customs Clearance Brokers - Australia

Zon Customs Brokers goal is to ensure the maximum savings for our valued clientele when needing a Customs Broker for a Customs Clearance on their Freight Forwarding order when importing into Australia. Recurring client contentment is our goal and being the best at Australian Customs Clearance. This is validated by repetition of business from our much-valued customers from around the world. We are a totally dedicated Customs Agency and we deal with Australian customs tariffs and GST on imports into Australia. 

We employ to decrease costs wherever achievable by managing your Customs Duties to a minimum and help save your business time and money. When importing goods in Australia they are subject to duty, and a Goods & Services Tax (GST), plus other taxes that may be applicable according to the correct tariff classification of the goods. All shipping to Australia must be Customs Cleared through Australian Customs (The Australian Border Force). If you supply us with all the correct documents, it often only takes us around 2 hours for an Express Australian Customs Clearance for most cargo entering Australia.


Expert Customs Clearance Agents

Please be mindful that during our Customs Clearance process there may be charges connected to class and valuation of the goods or products you Export or Import into Australia. But when saying that, we have saved many customers thousands of dollars because Zon Customs Brokers found their previous Customs Broker did not have their products listed under the correct tariff classification of goods. 

Our strength is not only being a leading Australian Freight Forwarder for all International Air Freight Imports, LCL Sea Freight Imports and FCL Sea Freight Imports. We also completely understand all the regulations of Customs in Australia. 

Zon Customs agency is linked and frequently in contact with the Australian Border Force systems. This keeps our specialized Customs Clearance Agents And Freight Experts up to date with any changes to current laws, restrictions, and regulations for Exporting or Importing into Australia.

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25 Years Experience - Zon Customs Brokers

Customs Clearance Experts Australia

We are dedicated to satisfying all requirements to meet your demands for a precise, no commitment free customs clearance quote to submit an Australian customs declaration to Customs in Australia on your behalf. And if accepted we will supply a prompt customs clearance of your products. Zon have Customs Clearance offices with professional Customs Clearance Agents who can assist you in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Darwin. We always aim to provide our customers with a consistent and reliable level of International Freight Forwarding and Customs Broker services here in Australia and around the world.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our customs consultants can provide you with Expert advice!

Zon Customs Brokers - FAQ

What custom clearance fees do i have to pay?

The first is the customs clearance fee. This is the cost of preparing and submitting the customs entry. Then the duties and taxes are calculated by your customs broker and paid directly to the Australian Customs Authorities.

Can a Customs Broker save me money?

Yes Definitely! Zon will ensure you are paying the correct duties and taxes for your cargo as we are up to date with forever changing Australian government rules and regulations. Simply by using the right tariff for your goods we can save time and money.

How can I book my shipment?

You can call our team today on 1300 742 357 or fill in our quote form and we can book your shipment or Customs Clearance ASAP. Please ensure you have on hand the correct Documents we have mentioned above.

What Our Customers Are Saying


Importer Entrepreneur

Their knowledge with importing is awesome. Zon takes a stand with first time importers to navigate their way not to lose money on their dreams.  


Importer Entrepreneur

“Fantastic” These guys truly know what they are doing. Their Knowledge and understanding about Importing into Australia is outstanding. 5 star service.👍🏼”


Operation Director, Indo inc

“We used Zon Customs Brokers to import our products into Australia from Indonesia. Friendly fast and efficient. Brendan was happy to help me any time.

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