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We’re proud to be a born and raised Australian Customs Clearance company , providing invaluable service and with unbeatable rates for all of our satisfied clients when Importing into Australia. We know that finding a reasonably priced service that promises to do a good job can be hard, which is why our focus on cost-effectiveness without compromising quality has earned us a widely-respected reputation that you’re able to count on. Our strength is not only the understanding the import regulations of the Australian Border Force, but also being in frequent contact with them staying up to date with any changes to current import and export restrictions. This enables us to offer advice to importers and exporters customs broker services on all International freight forwarding Australia clearance related matters. We will ensure that you satisfy all government requirements with tailored Customs clearance services based on ever-changing government regulations. Our Customs clearance brokers in Australia are among the best in their field and are advanced with infinite knowledge of Australian Customs and Quarantine regulations! Importing goods into Australia can be a great way to expand what you offer to your customers, especially if you can find a international manufacturer. When importing business goods into Australia, your company will be liable for customs duty and various taxes. All goods imported to Australia are subject to duty, Goods & Services Tax (GST), plus other taxes that may be applicable according to the class of the goods.

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Zon Customs Brokers maintain a robust database that is electronically linked with Australian Border Force (Australian Customs). It is very important to ensure that we supply the correct documentation and information being reported to Australian customs on your behalf when you are Importing to Australia. Our goal is to ensure the maximum savings for our valued clientele. We employ to decrease costs wherever achievable by managing your Customs Duties to a minimum. If you would like to know more please click on Consultation call button or Contact Us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Professional and very reliable company to deal with, i’m a regular importer from China and would highly recommend Zon Custom Brokers if you sending or importing around the world.
Thanks Guys!

Cameron Small

We used Zon Customs Brokers to import our products into Australia from Indonesia. Friendly fast and efficient.Brendan was happy to help me any time to understand the process and guidelines to import into Australia. Fantastic Service.

Erik Agashi

A Customs Agents that works with you and offers real professional assistance!

To make Importing as smooth as possible, you will need to be aware of government regulations including clearance by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) and duty taxes. All goods coming into Australia must be cleared through the Australian Border Force (Australian Customs). Please be mindful that there may be charges connected to class and valuation of the goods or products you Import or Export. We offer a complete Logistics and Customs Clearance packages for all businesses Importing to Australia. Talk with one of Our International Freight Forwarding Professional Here!