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Importing into Brisbane Australia has now been made stress free and easy for you. once your goods arrive in Brisbane, the value of your goods will be assessed by our licensed customs brokers to figure out and reduce any payable duty. Declarations are accurately lodged and consignments quickly cleared with our first-class customers’ service.

Address: U3/43 Holt Street, Eagle Farm, Brisbane QLD 4009 Phone: 1300 742 357


If you are importing goods into the Gold Coast as a business owner or an individual, then do not fail to seek the assistance of our qualified and certified Australian customs clearance specialists. As customs agents, we are directly in charge of the process of clearance to reduce any payable duty and save you both time and money.

9 Garfield Terrace,Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast QLD 4217 Phone: 1300 742 357


If you have plans of importing into Sydney in the future, or your cargo is on the way, then you will require professional advice and guidance. Our Sydney customs brokers and clearance agents have got you covered with our tested and trusted services rendered. You have no fear of disappointments or failure when Importing to Australia

Address: 50A Ogilvy Street, Peakhurst, Sydney NSW 2210 Phone: 1300 742 357


Are your goods set to arrive in Melbourne? Or do you have plans importing into Melbourne? Then let our customs brokers assist you in the process of customs clearance on your behalf and deliver to your door-step. Be rest assured that our declarations are electronically lodged, and within a few hours of arrival consignments are usually released. With this, you discover that importing to Melbourne is so much easier and convenient.

Address: 37 Livingston St, Orbost VIC 3888 Phone: 1300 742 357


We are an International freight forwarder service and customs clearance agents in Adelaide ready to assist you with your importation needs. We are very reliable customs clearance agents and brokers in Adelaide and are always ready to assist individuals as well as companies who need clearance assistance. With the services we render, we will eliminate the stress you will face when importing or clearing your goods through the customs. With us, importing has never been easier.

Address: 271-281 Gouger Street, Adelaide SA 5000 Phone: 1300 742 357


Zon Customs Brokers are you trusted international freight forwarders and you can rely on us to assist you with your customs clearance and minimize any payable duty during the process. Our office at Perth is always available to assist you through our licensed customs brokers; who are also familiar with the schedule of the Perth airport and are in close contact with other warehouse facilities which guarantees you a smooth clearance process.

Address: 125 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000,Phone: 1300 742 357

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