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Importing into Australia can be a very daunting process. Here at Zon Customs Brokers we can help you with your International importing or Exporting. Zon is an International Freight Forwarder and Customs Broker all in one. We help new Importers and experienced Corporate clients from all different backgrounds to help them become and stay successful. Before your goods arrive, we will process all paperwork needed and pre-clear you shipment before it arrives in you chosen port destination here in Australia. We have a reputation of being fast, trustworthy and understanding making us a great choice for Sea and Air freight to Australia.We know how to save you time and money by helping you with your choices concerning International Freight forwarding of your goods around the world.
Choosing the right International moving company will no doubt be one of the first and most important decisions you make in your Importing process. Here at Zon Customs Brokers, we move thousands of Internationals shipments around the world every year helping our customers become successful.There are restrictions on what you can bring into the country and in some cases, permits may be required. To be safe, it is best to check with Australian customs before deciding what to Import into Australia or simply contact us. Potential costly delays can be avoided by talking with one of our staff that has expertise and training in the Freight Forwarding Process.

Importing to Australia and looking to organise your Freight forwarding process

Zon is a Global Sea Freight forwarder offering Importing and Exporting Australia

Sea carriers charge per container rates for shipping in standard containers. The charge is usually based on the size of a shipment (even if weight can factor into the price). A factor that affects the cost of containerized sea freight is whether the goods require a dedicated full container (FCL) or can be consolidated with other cargo (LCL). In case of the latter, your price is often determined by its volume in a cubic meters. Shipping by sea freight containers depending on the size of your goods and the speed in which you need your goods to arrive at your destination nominated. This is a decision you have to make. There are two main sizes of shipping containers that you can consider, 20 foot which holds approximately 30 cubic meters, and 40 foot which holds approximately 60 cubic meters. There are several container usage options available when moving when Importing into Australia .If you need Full Container Load for yourself then you will use the FCL method which allows for direct shipping of your goods in your own dedicated container to your preferred destination.

Air Freight Forwarding Process

Zon will arrange a door to door experience with our professional Customs Clearance services at the Australian Border included. An all in one professional service, instead of you having you to outsource a Customs Broker when your shipment arrives in Australia. Our Customs brokers are trained in these fields and are Required to maintain CPD (Continuing Professional Development) accreditation every year to ensure they are up to date with the new changes and existing laws.

If you are seeking a faster method, then why not try Zon Customs Brokers air freight solutions. Airlines charge according to the chargeable weight of a shipment, which is based on the weight and size. That’s because large items with a light overall weight take up more space on an aircraft than a small, heavy item. When booking through Zon’s Freight Forwarding air service, you will need to know the total cubic meter amount of your cargo and also the actual (dead) weight from your supplier so that we can give you an accurate quote. Airlines will charge either the actual dead weight or the Volumetric weight. They will always charger the Greater amount.

Phone us or send us an email today, and one of our Customs Brokers or Freight forwarding specialists will help you navigate through your global Importing journey. We offer Streamlined Services and we are ready to assist your Customs Broker requirements and International LCL Sea freight, FCL Sea freight, or International Air freight forwarding services delivered to anywhere in Australia at the best competitive pricing with delivery times to suit your business needs because we know the ins and outs of Importing into Australia.