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What You Should Know About Global Air Freight Forwarding To Australia

Are you looking for a reliable International air freight cargo service to Australia? Zon Air freight can offer you the best air Freight Forwarding services to Australia. We are a dedicated Air Freight Customs Clearance Company and can offer you the best international Air Freight Forwarding quotes  to Australia.  Our highly trained Air Freight Specialists will support through the whole Customs Clearance and Importing process.  Zon Customs Brokers has been sending out Air Freight to Australia for over 25 yrs. We offer Streamlined Services and we are ready to assist your Customs Broker services for your International Air Freight. 

Affordable Air Freight and
customs clearance Services

Zon can deliver your cargo to anywhere in Australia at the best competitive pricing with delivery times to suit your business needs. With over 25 years experience we know the rules, regulations and guidelines when dealing with Tha Australian Border Force (Australian Customs) when Importing goods into Australia. As a trusted and leading International Freight Forwarder we have a reputation of being fast, honest, and understanding making us a great choice for your Air Freight to Australia. Zon is totally committed to coordinate quality international air freight management systems to avoid your business any unnecessary penalties when importing into Australia with our Air Freight Services. 

Zon Customs Brokers are a leading  Australia Freight Service company that closely work with most International Air Freight Companies that service Australian Imports. This is why we can offer hassle-free freight cargo to Australia, with fast delivery speeds. As a trusted low cost International Freight Forwarder we have a reputation of being fast, honest, and understanding making us a great choice for your Air Cargo to Australia.

Documents You Will Need


Commercial Invoice


Customs Letter
Of Authority

We presently use International Air Freight services to popular Australian Airports, consisting of Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, Adelaide, Peakhurst and Canberra to name a few. When booking through Zons Freight Forwarding service, you will need to find out the total cubic meter amount of your cargo and also the actual (dead) weight from your supplier so that we can give you an accurate quote. Airlines will charge either the actual dead weight or the Volumetric weight. They will always charger the Greater amount.

When the Australian Border Force (ABF) or the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) release your goods, we can deliver to you the next day or you can collect them from the Airport yourself. You can complete the form below for a free Air Freight Quote.  

We will take you through the procedure step by step, beginning with your totally free quote. Aside from our common exceptional rates for air cargo services, in some cases we can get spot Air Freight Rates rates for you if you have particularly larger cargos. 

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Customs letter of Authority

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Zon Customs Brokers - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Zon suggest to always declare your cargo correctly. Goods that are mis-declared or undeclared may result in rejection, delays and costly fines for your shipment.

The cost is determined by the total chargeable weight, dimensions and destination. Other surcharges (if any) will equal the total cost of an air shipment.

Here at Zon it often only takes us around 2 hours for an Express Australian Customs Clearance of cargo entering Australia.


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