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What You Should Know About Sea Freight Forwarding to Australia

It is good practice to use a Logistics Expert with a good reputation in Import and Export Management and has many years as a global cargo specialist. It is always smart to consider the experience they have and their reputation to offer a reliable, affordable Freight Forwarding service. Zon has expert knowledge in delivery management and customs clearance. 

Zon Customs Brokers Australia Pty Ltd can help a variety of business import and export from all over the world. Call our friendly customer hotline on 1800 742 357 or fill out the forms below to contact us and get your free Freight Forwarding Quote Online today.

How We Manage FCL Sea Freight to Australia​

As your customs agents, we ensure a swift customs clearance of your container with the Australian Border Force. Our services cover a wide range of charter services. They will also provide logistics calculations and FCL Sea Freight quotes for you with the best rates that suit your business in every way.

Full Container Load (FCL) service to cater for your business demands and needs. Various delivery options for your cargo including inter-port and doorstep delivery Sea Freight Shipping through the best routes and full management of the entire process.

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Zon FLC Sea Freight Services

Zon Customs Brokers offers you an exclusive FCL Sea Freight shipping package.  As your sea freight customs brokers in Australia, we offer you cheap but premium International Sea freight Shipping in Australia. International FCL Sea Freight shipping to Australia is an effective means of shipping your cargo or goods to Australia.   While most logistics companies in Australia will capitalize on this shipping option – by offering you high Sea Freight rates and an unrealistic Sea Freight Quote – to make extra money from you, we are more concerned about you and your business.  We have built our reputation over the years and are known for keeping our promises of quality service delivery when it comes to Freight Forwarding. Our FCL Sea Freight solution gives you cheap international shipping to Australia. If you are looking to undertake Sea Freight Forwarding importing from China to Australia or from the USA to Australia, our FCL Services and solution helps you to effectively manage and safely deliver your shipment cargo to all major seaports in Australia. ​

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FCL Sea Freight Shipping Solutions ​

With 25 years Experience Zon Customs Brokers maintain a robust database that is electronically linked with Australian Border Force (Australian Customs). It is especially important to ensure that we supply the correct documentation and information being reported to Australian Customs on your behalf when you are Importing to Australia by Sea Freight, Air Freight, and Parcel Post Shipments. We connect to your international supplier and provide safe transport and direct delivery of your container to your desired location in Australia.   Our experienced Customs Agents are always ready to assist you and offer advice on FCL Sea Freight shipping Our goal is to ensure the maximum savings for our valued clientele. We employ to decrease costs wherever achievable by managing your Customs Duties to a minimum, saving your business time and money. If you would like to know more, please Contact us for a Customs Clearance quote of Freight Forwarding process.

How Does FCL Sea Freight Work?

If you have supplied us with the correct documentation we will process all paperwork needed and pre-clear you shipment before it arrives at your chosen port of destination here in Australia. We have a reputation of being fast, trustworthy and understanding making us a great choice for importing goods to Australia. When The Australian Border Force (ABF) or the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) release your goods, we can deliver to you the next day or you can collect them from the airport yourself.

Documents You Will Need

A Bill of Lading

Commercial invoice

Packing declaration


Certificate of Fumigation

Letter Of Authority


We look forward to hearing from you! To make Importing as smooth as possible, you will need to be aware of government regulations including clearance by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) and duty taxes.  All goods coming into Australia must be Customs cleared through the Australian Border Force (Australian Customs). Please be mindful that there may be charges connected to class and valuation of the goods or products you Import or Export. We offer a complete Freight Forwarding and Customs Clearance packages for all businesses Importing to Australia. Talk with one of Our International Sea Freight Forwarding Professionals today.

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Signing legal document

Customs Letter Of Authority

Zon Customs Brokers - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

A packing declaration states to Australian Customs what type of packing material is used in your Cargo. It’s only needed for Sea Freight shipments. Straw is definitely prohibited for packing and is stated by Australian Customs it must not be used.

GST applies to most imported goods.GST is calculated at 10% of the Value of the Taxable Importation (VoTI). This is the sum of the Customs Value (CVAL), any Customs duty payable, the amount paid or payable to transport the goods to their place of consignment in Australia.

Australian Customs will stop your goods if they meet any of the below criteria: Value is over AUD,000 or if the Goods are of interest to Customs, and if your cargo has any Items prohibited from importing by the Australian Border Force.


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