International Freight Forwarding

It is good practice to use a Logistics Expert with a good reputation in Import and Export Management and has many years as a global cargo specialist. It is always smart to consider the experience they have and their reputation to offer a reliable, affordable Freight Forwarding service. Zon has expert knowledge in delivery management and customs clearance. 

Zon Customs Brokers Australia Pty Ltd can help a variety of business import and export from all over the world. Call our friendly customer hotline on 1800 742 357 or fill out the forms below to contact us and get your free Freight Forwarding Quote Online today.

Everything You Need to Know About
Freight Forwarding Australia

Sea Freight Forwarding

Zon operates with the most significant shipping lines in the world, and we have global partners which enable us to provide first-class sea freight services. When shipping less than a container load (LCL) or full container loads (FCL) across the Pacific, we will deliver your sea freight across the Pacific on time at a fraction of the freight forwarding cost with great customer service... 

Air Freight Forwarding​

Our goal as your freight forwarder is to fulfill your international Air freight management obligations on a regular basis, you will require an air cargo provider that can service locations all over the world. We combine years of import supply chain experience, a broad worldwide network and an extensive air freight portfolio that have all been developed over time to satisfy our customer business import requirements


Common Documents

needed for Freight Forwarding

When shipping your goods internationally it can involve a great deal of documents, specifically when delivering overseas. Our freight forwarding company will assist you with all of the appropriate documentations, consisting of: 

  • Commercial invoices
  • Bill of Lading agreements,
  • Certificate of origin declarations,
  • Inspection certificates,
  • Export licenses
  • Export packaging lists
  • Shipper’s export declaration



Zon Customs Brokers - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

To simplify it in a few words, freight forwarding is the process and delivery of products in between locations, this can be by the means of several providers such as air, rail, ship, or roadway.

In 2020 Zon Freight management Pty Ltd utilized specialist services to organize many cost effective deliveries to get goods from the producers to our clients.

As your prefered Freight Forwarder our company supply chain can arrange to have your cargo transferred to an airport by truck, then have it flown to its destination, or our friendly staff can arrange your goods to be shipped by International Sea Freight. 

Freight forwarders offer a series of services customized for logistics procedures to assist to make these processes as worry-free as possible. Good freight forwarding companies should provide a great understanding and industry knowledge to transport Logistics to any destination around the globe. They can utilize a range of shipping modes, consisting of ships, trucks, railways, and aircrafts, and typically utilize numerous modes for a single delivery. An example could be the forwarder might organize to have your cargo moved from a manufacturer to an airport by truck, flown to the location city and then moved from the airport to your business address or delivery destination.

An experienced Freight forwarder will provide an array of cargo methods that are applied towards the transportation service of products from manufacturers to purchasers depending on primarily the final destination of the goods.

Zon Customs Brokers Pty Ltd provides a variety of transport, including the importation and exportation of goods both domestically and globally.

Zon’s Air and Sea transport process entails working together with shipping and airlines in order to obtain the best pricing for your business. 

When Freight Forwarding you will need a Logistics Expert with a good reputation that has many years of dealing as a Freight company and Customs specialist with The Australian Border Force.

You will need to consider their experience and reputation and if they provide a reliable, affordable service. A professional logistics agent can save you lots of wasted time and money.

Your Freight Forwarder should have expert knowledge in International shipping and Customs Clearance in Australia and other parts of the world.


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