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What You Should Know About Global Air Freight Forwarding To Australia

When importing business goods into Australia, your company will be liable for customs duty and various taxes. All goods imported to Australia are subject to duty, Goods & Services Tax (GST), plus other taxes that may be applicable according to the class of the goods. 

Our strength is not only the understanding the import regulations of the Australian Border Force, but also being in frequent contact with them staying up to date with any changes to current import and export restrictions.

Import From China To Australia With Zon Customs Brokers

Importing from China to Australia can be a very daunting process. Here at Zon Freight Management your cargo movement is taken care of at every stage of your Freight Forwarding process from China To Australia. Your shipment transit can be impacted by the shipment size, the location of  your goods and the season of the year. FCL Containers can take 13-25 Days and  LCL Containers can take from 16-25 Days

Air Freight on the other hand can take only 3-6 Days. These are estimates times are for each weekly shipping service Zon Customs Brokers provide find from China to Australia. We provide our customers with a direct  affordable weekly  Shipping from China into Australia with our Air Freight or Sea Freight Forwarding service options.

Many China suppliers don’t always understand Australian Customs laws and regulations and some often don’t care. They just want a sale and say yes to everything. Australian Border Force (Customs Australia) have uncompromising guidelines in place that must be complied with during your Freight Forwarding process when Importing to Australia.If these regulations are not followed than this will result in costly Port and Storage fees for anyone Importing into Australia. It is not just a “Send it in the post and she’ll be right Mate”. 

This is a common reason why Importers lose a lot of money with extra Port Fees charges and possible Customs seizures due to non-compliance and bad choices using the wrong Incoterms with their suppliers. All because their supplier said they can ship your goods to Australia at a cheap price with many hidden Fees they don’t tell you about! This process has been going on for many years and sadly we see many businesses losing out because they did not get an Australian Customs Broker to help them from the Start! Talk with one of Our International Freight Forwarding Professionals today. 

Zon Customs Brokers - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

A customs broker is a professional agent licensed by the Australian government to act on behalf of an importer or exporter, they prepare and submit all documents necessary for clearing goods.

Yes, cargo insurance can be purchased to protect your cargo international cargo shipments. We can offer you insurance, but it is optional and is  a very wise decision.

There are 3 options for this: doorstep delivery and arranged collection or pick up at our depots. The later will save you money depending, however, on the size of the consignment.


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