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Zon can Organise your Air Freight Shipping Plan as soon as you find your Supplier Overseas and have your Product Plan ready before your Supplier even talks about Shipping your products into Australian Customs Border Control. Contact us first for a free Freight Quote and Personalized guidance all in one. Be Proactive, before Shipping into Australia as this will save you time and money!.
We ship significant volumes every year, which enables us to offer you capacity, frequent departures, and competitive rates. We also offer a vast choice of destinations from every major airport in the world.

Our Air Freight network is stretched around the world, which makes us the best choice for your cargo needs. If you want airport to airport or door to door or any combination, we can make the arrangements for you. You can have it your way as we work with you, helping you to succeed with your Importing Journey.

Zon Customs Brokers have over 25 years’ Experience in Air freight forwarding Importing into Australia and Exporting Australia for Amazon, eBay, and all Importing Entrepreneurs. On the other hand, if you have already shipped and your Goods are about to arrive in Australia from overseas or they are here right now and you need a Customs Clearance, contact us and one of our National offices of trained staff will be happy to help you.

Take time to look at our Customer video testimonials. We are your complete Importing service into Australia. Let us show you how to save money and time Importing into Australia and let us take the pressure off .

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