Importing from China  

to Australia

We Understand Amazon Logistic Requirments!

 Zon Imports to Australia is a Start to Finnish logistics process for Amazon Australia FBA

We offer weekly services from all China Ports direct to all Capital cities Importing from China to Australia. Our Amazon FBA Services are available here in Australia. We offer 3PL storage of your goods to have stock ready for Amazon FBA. Our Warehouse’s are strategically Located and are a much affordable solution than sitting in a Amazon FBA Warehouse. Zon Customs Brokers Australia has a wealth of experience in the International Freight forwarding and Australian Customs Clearance Industry. We are licensed Customs Brokers that can act on your behalf to clear your Imports to Australia through Australian Border Force. (Customs Australia). We welcome our services to all new or established Importers and Exporters from around the World. Zon Customs Brokers Australia save you time and money with our International Freight forwarding  and Customs Clearance solutions. Work with us and Utilise our 25 years’ Experience with your China Imports to Australia.

We handle deliveries from anywhere in the world from our extensive global network. When using our trusted International Air Freight and Sea Freight Services we will help save you time and Money Contact us about our Australian International Freight forwarding process.

Importing from China to Australia with Zon Air and Sea Freight




Start Importing from China to Australia today!! If you have your Products manufactured Overseas and you need them to be sent to Australia?  Let Zon Customs Brokers show you how to complete your International Freight forwarding Importing into Australia the Smart Way!

The best advice we give our customers is using  an all in one International Freight Forwarder and Customs Broker service provider because they can control everything from the start to Finnish in the logistics process.Then when your Imported goods arrive in Australia there are no hidden problems unless you haven’t been honest with your Customs Broker about your description of what you are Importing into Australia. A Customs Broker will save you time and money and can work out your exact landed costs helping you understand your Business profit margins.

A Customs Broker could be compared to an Accountant. When you would like the best Tax refund you would use a professional Tax Accountant! So, if you want the best Importing process and have peace of mind with your International Freight Forwarding, we offer this solution as we are Licenced with the Australian Government as a Licenced Customs Broker Australia. When using Zon Customs Brokers complete Importing services, you will have peace of mind and know that you have ticked all the correct boxes with your Importing from China to Australia journey.We take care of your whole Logistic process from start to Finnish and deliver for you anywhere in the World! Leaving you more time to focus on your business.

Many China suppliers don’t always understand Australian Customs laws and regulations and some often don’t care they just want a sale and say yes to everything. Australian Border Force (Customs Australia) have uncompromising guidelines in place that must be complied with during your Freight forwarding process when Importing to Australia.If these regulations are not followed than this will result in costly Port and Storage fees for anyone Importing into Australia. It is not just a “Send it in the post and she’ll be right Mate”. This is a common reason why Importers lose a lot of money with extra Port Fees charges and possible Customs seizures due to non-compliance and bad choices using the wrong Incoterms. All because their supplier said they can ship your goods to Australia at a cheap price with many hidden Fees! This process has been going on for many years and sadly we see many businesses losing out because they did not get an Australian Customs Broker to help them from the Start!

Are You Thinking About Importing from China to Australia.Talk to us about our excellent International Freight Forwarding and Customs Clearance services.


We offer weekly Zon International Freight services from all of the following China Ports to Import into Australia . Zon Customs Brokers also offer Exporting to China Services. We are a leading International Freight Forwarder and provide Customs Clearance Australia as we are Licenced Customs Brokers based in Australia. Importing goods to australia CAN BE VERY COSTLY if not completed in a structured and dynamic  Freight Forwarding process like we Deliver from start to finnish.

Zon Customs Brokers offers all Importing to Australia and Customs clearance services from:Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Xingang, Dalian, Xiamen, Dalian, Fuzhou, Nansha, Shunde Pt ,Xiaolan. If you are about to order with your China supplier? Contact us first for the right Advice. and we look forward to helping with your imports.

Zon is Directly Electronically linked with Australian Border Force, making Freight forwarding easy accelerated and secure.