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Zon can Organise your (LCL) Less than Container Load. As soon as you find your Supplier Overseas and have your Product Plan ready please contact us first before your Supplier even talks to you about Shipping your products Australia. Zon Customs Brokers can supply a free personalized Freight Forwarding and Customs clearance Quote. A Less than Container Load method allows you to send smaller shipments, by co-loading with commercial cargo shared containers. Be Proactive, before Shipping into Australia as this will help keep your profit margins high!.

When costs are your primary concern or time is not a factor and your shipments are large and heavy you will benefit from our sea freight services. We ship significant volumes every year, which enables us to offer you capacity, frequent departures, and competitive rates. We also offer a vast choice of destinations from most major ports in the world.

LCL Freight Forwarding Australia

Less than Container Load – LCL

There are many advantages in using LCL service for your international shipments. Shipping costs are one of the biggest concerns for importers. Shipping is usually chosen when there aren’t enough goods to fill up and entire container. This means that your items are Less than a Container Load and will share space inside a container with other items on their way to Australia. Transit times will be the same as if you would have shipped a full ocean freight container. The cost is determined by the volume of the cargo and can alter the landed unit cost dramatically depending on whether your goods fill a Full Container Load or are Less than a Container Load.The shipping term (LCL) is commonly used to describe an international ocean freight service. When shipping with Zon Customs brokers cargo you are paying for the space that you use in the container, and cargo ocean freight rates are calculated by the volume (per cubic meter/cubic foot) but not by the weight. Less than Container Load method allows you to send smaller shipments.

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Here at Zon we can offer any Business complete Importing and Exporting service here in Australia and Globally

Zon Customs Brokers have over 25 years’ Experience in Importing into Australia and Exporting from Australia for Amazon, eBay, and all Importing Entrepreneurs and Established Corporate Companies. Here at Zon we can offer any Business complete Importing and Exporting service here in Australia and Globally. The best way to find out your landed cost’s excluding import taxes into Australia is if your supplier provides you with the correct total weight and dimensions of your planned import. Contact Zon Customs Brokers Australia for an obligation-free quote and find out how we can assist you and your business. If you have all the nessesary paperwork ready from the start it will make our services more streamlind and easy for you. We hadd added everything you need below. Please complete our contact form and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours. Many thanks.

What we need from you to get a speedy easy Import process started!

   1. A Bill of Lading

2. Commercial invoice 

3. Packing list

4. Quarantine Packing declaration

5. Certificate of Fumigation ( if needed )

6. Customs Letter of Authority 

( We provide Template )


How it works!

 If you have supplied us with the correct documentation we will process all paperwork needed and pre-clear you shipment before it arrives at your chosen port of destination here in Australia.

We have a reputation of being fast, trustworthy and understanding making us a great choice for your Sea freight to Australia.

When The Australian Border Force (ABF) or the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) release your goods, we can deliver to you the next day or you can collect them from the airport yourself.

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