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Communication is paramount when wanting to Import into Australia and with any logistics as a whole. First you will need an Expert Australian Freight Forwarding Company that you can trust, and guide you with the correct Incoterms, when talking with your suppliers overseas. This is where Zon help your Business by supplying the best possible Freight avenues to avoid paying unnecessary costs and excessive fees when you cargo arrives in Australia. 

Secondly you will need a professional Licensed Australian Customs Broker to provide you with a Customs Clearance for your cargo to process through Customs of Australia,(The Australian Border Force) Rules and Regulations. Here at Zon we provide both professional services making the whole process Importing into Australia an easy, all in one Package from start to finish.



Zon Customs Brokers will collaborate with your business and design a streamlined complete affordable International Freight Forwarding Process.  So, you will never have to stress ever again about you International Freight. We are very friendly and honest company that can save you valuable time and extra costs. 

Customs Clearance

Save time with your Self-Assessed Clearance (SAC) declarations. We are electronically linked with Australian Border Force for all Express Customs Clearances.

Importing From China

Get the right advice when importing from China to Australia! Talk to us about our International Freight Forwarding and Customs Clearance services.

Air Freight Imports

As your air freight customs agents, our job will be to assist you in every possible way so that you do not waste time and money with our Air Freight Services.

FCL Sea Freight

International FCL Sea freight shipping whether from Australia to anywhere in the world or importing via sea freight to Australia has never been any better.

LCL Sea Freight

Zon LCL Freight offer many Streamlined Services and ready to assist your requirements for International LCL Sea freight Customs Clearance.

Freight Forwarding

Zon International Freight Forwarding and Customs Brokers strive to have your cargo arrive fast and safe , treating all cargo as if it was our very own.

Zon Import University

Discover how to become an Expert at Importing into Australia. As a Member of our University you will fast track how not to waste time and money Importing.

Zon Digital Marketing

Discover ways to boost your businesses online presence with Zon Digital Marketing. We use some of the latest digital marketing techniques available today.

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